Smaller area, higher accuracy forecasts

If you need a forecast for a small region which takes into account the local topology, there are a range of limited area models which are run with this aim.  Which model to use depends on the location and which variables (for example rainfall rate, dew point temperature) are of interest.  Many more variables are available than what you see on standard weather apps, and others can be derived, such as evapotranspiration rates to estimate plant drying rates.

Lake Street can access a number of limited area models run by national meteorological services, and also have the ability to run some in house.  Example output from a localised forecast is shown to give an idea of the array of the information available: we consider it our job to interpret these plots!

Specialised forecast models exist to capture extremities of local weather.

A few users of localised weather forecasts are:

  • F1 car racing. Localised weather forecasts are used both for optimal set up of the car on race day, and strategy decisions for qualifying sessions and the race.
  • Vineyards. If frost is expected, there are some options to stave off damage to the grapes but those that work best are not inexpensive. Additionally localised weather forecasts can help choose optimal timing for harvest.
  • Arable farmers. For a wide range of decisions, see this article for one example.
  • Livestock farmers. For deciding when to treat livestock against parasites, in order to maximise the effect of drugs which have increasingly limited impact.
“Your forecast was spot on!”
Robert, Farmer, Oxfordshire

If local weather determines your best course of action, speak to Lake Street about local forecasts.

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