When your query is one of a kind

The majority of our work is bespoke, so your weather related challenge does not need to fit in any of the listed categories for Lake Street to be able to help. 

Here are a few examples of other weather challenges we can help with:

  • Combining historical weather data, forecast information and weather trends to calculate the likelihood of rainfall (more than x mm of rain on any one day) in a given week for a given location.
  • Arranging weather ‘insurance’ through buying weather derivatives which, for example, pay out £x each time there is less than y hours of sunshine (of a given strength) per day, during a given month.

    Restaurants on the Continent make use of weather derivatives, to cover lost income when it’s so hot that customers stay home.

    Farmers in New Zealand buy weather derivatives through a co-operative to cover loss of income if it’s frosty during lambing season.
Our articles detail a wide variety of topics we have considered

If you have a bespoke weather query, get in touch to find out how Lake Street can use their extensive expertise to work out the optimal solution.

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