Forecast value
4 August 2020 | Energy Markets

How valuable are forecasts beyond this week?

User defined weather
30 June 2020 | Meteorological Insight

Forecasting the weather you want (to avoid)

Weather and trading
19 December 2019 | Energy Markets

Using weather forecasts to trade energy

Seasonal skill
24 August 2018 | Meteorological Insight

Are Seasonal forecasts for Europe skilful?

Making wind useful
20 August 2018 | Energy Markets

UK electricity prices: will improved infrastructure enable Scottish wind power to be harnessed and so cut costs?

Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project
Storm Cycles
20 October 2017 | Meteorological Insight

Do tropical cyclones go through phases?

Cold Air Outbreaks
11 July 2017 | Meteorological Insight

Polar Vortex displacements and mid-latitude responses

Spain, winter 2016/17
22 May 2017 | Case Studies

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Grain

Flood Frequency
3 March 2017 | Climate Reflections

A surge in flood events

Changing Seasons
12 January 2017 | Climate Reflections

Blurred Lines: Are UK seasons becoming less defined?

UK renewables
9 December 2016 | Energy Markets

The sweet spot for UK renewables

Airplane Influence
18 November 2016 | Climate Reflections

Can contrails cirrusly influence our climate?

S is for Storm
25 February 2016 | Climate Reflections

Are UK storms becoming more common?

African sun
3 December 2015 | Energy Markets

Watts new in Morocco? Solar power advances in Africa

Battery power
27 May 2015 | Energy Markets

How do solar panels influence UK power prices? Will Tesla’s batteries change this?

UK, summer 2014
24 July 2014 | Case Studies

Making haylage while the sun shines

Credit: ECMWF
Europe, June 2014
13 June 2014 | Case Studies

Weather forecast improvements: the science behind the forecasts

US, summer 2014
9 May 2014 | Case Studies

Californian wine harvests: on the lookout for Modoki flavouring of the emerging El Nino

UK, April 2014
2 April 2014 | Case Studies

Saharan dust in the UK prompts air quality concerns