Bespoke Weather Solutions

Making weather information more accessible over a wide range of industries, from energy markets to farming.

Lake Street combine meteorological knowledge, awareness of forecast limitations, and commercial experience to provide clients with relevant weather information.

About Lake Street

Lake Street’s mission is to make relevant weather information more accessible to businesses across a wide range of industries, to enable them to make the best weather-dependent decisions.

Weather for energy markets

Lake Street has a wide range of experience in the energy sector: from prop trading to M&A analysis, from a single wind turbine to global coal dynamics, from the next hour to the next decade.

Lake Street also provide operational weather forecasts for a small, diverse portfolio of energy market clients.

Localised weather forecasts

Weather forecasts for a small region which take into account the local topology exist. Lake Street can access model output to provide an array of information far beyond what is found in most weather apps. F1 car racing, vineyards, arable and livestock farmers are some of the users.

Climate insights

Lake Street can look to historical weather data and/or climate model forecasts to help with planning decisions, climate adaption and preparing reports as detailed by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

‘Blue sky’ weather solutions

The majority of Lake Street’s work is bespoke, so your weather related challenge does not need to fit in any of the listed categories for us to be able to help.